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Garage Door Maintenance

Our team is ready to serve residents in need of garage door maintenance in Vaughan, Ontario. Do you want to prepare your garage door for winter? Has it been a while since your garage door was last maintained? Are you interested in signing up for a regular maintenance program? Whatever your case, contact Garage Door Repair Vaughan ON.

Garage Door Maintenance Vaughan

Garage door maintenance Vaughan specialists

Vaughan garage door maintenance services make a huge difference when the pros performing the job are trained, committed, and experienced. When you assign the maintenance of your garage door to our team, you can be certain of the overall skills and qualifications of the field techs.

Fully aware that the whole point of maintaining garage doors is to prevent trouble and keep them working for a long time, we do everything right. Be certain. The service is provided as soon as you need it by a trained tech with expertise in all types and brands of garage doors. They stick to a thorough checkpoint maintenance list and thus, leave nothing out. Everything is checked, tested, cleaned, and serviced as needed. If we wanted to make a short list of the basic steps included in a garage door maintenance service, this list would look like the following.

  •          Garage door inspection
  •          Garage door troubleshooting
  •          Testing the balance and force
  •          Checking the safety features
  •          Tightening the hardware
  •          Removing dust, debris, old lubricants
  •          Lubrication maintenance
  •          Garage door adjustment

Trained techs inspect and maintain garage doors, as needed

The pros start the job by checking all parts and the garage door’s movement and carry on testing and observing all components and features while they clean, tighten, and fix. The safety features and the balance are all checked again and again and any needed adjustment is performed, as required. Of course, the pros lubricate as needed and only with quality products.

When the service is completed, the garage door runs smoothly and without making unnecessary noises. All parts, including the hardware and all features, are aligned and free of dirt – and lubricated if needed. You are provided with the list of services with all the points checked and are informed about the tasks.

Having a garage door maintained doesn’t cost much and provided the service is offered regularly by a trained tech, the results are fantastic. If you are thinking about it, contact our team to make an inquiry. Why don’t you? If it’s time for garage door maintenance, Vaughan experts are at your service.